Saturday, 15 October 2016

Some great DIY Gifting Ideas

The holidays are getting closer than ever, and the element of money is often something that many of us struggle with. We want to give our loved ones the world, but we might only be able to afford a little bit. But are there ways to really give someone something that they love, even by using simple packaging supplies? There is, and this chapter will go over some simple, cheap DIY ideas for this holiday season.

The first, is to get some packaging supplies such as cards and paper, and create a cookie envelope.  This is something that can cost very little, but it looks great.  You simply get some cookies, get some of this packaging or you can make your own by cutting out a heart and then adhering it together, either with adhesive or some buttons and string, and then, you have a great package. This speaks a lot to many, and you can include something amazing in a small package.

Then there are envelopes. This is one of the readily available packaging supplies out there, and they’re simple to obtain.  What you need to get is an envelope in some shade of pink and red, some glue, some scissors, and a gold gel pen.  You can cut out some designs and then color them in, or just color them directly onto there. This is great if you’re giving a card, but you don’t really have one that communicates the pizazz that other holiday cards might have.

Printable wrapping paper is something that you should look into as well. This is something that you can typically print out from the store, or even on your home computer.  If you feel like the Christmas wrapping that is out there is slightly bland and now what you’re looking for, then don’t despair, for you can find some great designs in this case.  you can typically look online, such as through Paper Crave, and you might find some great and kooky sort of images you can use as a medium. This is a simple, yet effective means to create cheap and helpful wrapping paper this holiday season. 

Finally, there is the element of creating your own labels for various jars and such. If you are gifting some food to others, you can create some printable sorts of labels, or you can go out and get some of that dark chalkboard paper and write on there what you want to say. These are typically found at the hobby store, and you can adhere them with glue or adhesive, and these work great if you’re stuck on what to get someone, or if you feel that the gift idea is a bit bland.

These holiday gift ideas will help you if you feel like there is nothing out there for you to choose. They’re simple, effective, and cheap, and since many of these supplies are around the home, it might not even cost you anything at all to do this. 

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